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Positive Experience At Horse Riding Camp

July 17, 2018 // Parenting, Uncategorized, Vancouver

There is something about horses that most children find inviting and exciting. The idea of riding on their back and helping with their care can really boost kids self confidence. When we heard there was a local horse riding camp this summer we signed up our middle kid right away.

Last week we did a week of pony riding camp at a nearby farm. A total escape from the city life even though it was just a short drive. The overall experience was so positive for this six year old rider. Like ridiculously positive. We’ve had so many requests to go back for another week of camp. Even if it is just to say hello to the horses.

This middle girl of mine is a sweet sensitive child who is definitely aware of her boundaries and her own comfort level. In new or even familiar circumstances she shows us that she feels her strongest when a parent is with her.

She isn’t an outwardly shy or introverted kid and when she’s in her comfort zone she can be hilariously sassy and funny. Which is probably is why it felt so unexpected to us when she started school and had a rocky transition at drop off.

We did what most parents would do and sought the wisdom of various professionals and they all told us the same message. Continue to be her safe place and she will eventually discover the courage to separate when she is ready. Be her familiar in the unfamiliar.

To be honest this isn’t really what parents are hoping to hear. It sounds like it is going to take a long investment of time and there is no quick fix. There also happens to be a lot of tender emotions involved and it can be so hard to see your child feel so visibly uncomfortable.

While we were developing our new parenting tricks to help our child cope with separation anxiety we started to read. Soon we were reading about how amazing horses can be with helping children. Not just with anxiety but with so many other developmental skills too. Thanks to the wealth of on line knowledge we read many articles about how horses can even help build children’s character.

Reading so much about horses helping with children’s emotional sense of well being really did impress us. Horses have such a great reputation for sensing human emotion and it made us eager to go to horse riding camp.

Horse Riding Camp

Going to a horse riding camp was great for overall emotional growth. It was also so good to see our city kid come home with dirty boots and dusty pants. Plus a huge smile plastered on her sweaty face. It really was just wholesome unplugged fun on the farm.

Getting the chance to learn how to groom a horse and put on their tack was really a great experience. The actual act of doing this care also helps children with their overall fine motor skills development and a sense of responsibility.

We are so happy that our girl got to experience horse camp and was able to learn safely how to ride and care for horses at a farm. Nothing felt better for me as a mother than when she turned around and told me, ‘It’s okay mum. You can just drop me off at camp. See you later!’. We literally could see her self confidence bloom as the week went on.

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  1. Brittney Lee says:

    Oh goodness gracious. Her face just says it all. What an incredible experience for your girl.

  2. Jamie Mah says:

    My son has special needs and I am so wanting to try this kind of camp for him. I think it could be really therapeutic and I actually read a research study about the vibrations that horses send off (watered down explanation) and how those vibrations can help with sensory process disorder and other things.