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Making Family Memories And Thriving On Summer Break


This summer I made it my personal mission to have fun with my three kids. While I didn’t get the time off work I was hoping for, I still made a nurses schedule work. With chunks of days off to spend time with them I was able to execute my plan.  I wanted a great mix of fun summer camps, time at home and lots of outings too. I’m very pleased to report that the mission was accomplished and memories with my family were definitely made.

Sending Kids To Summer Camp

This summer my nearly ten year old boy did a total of five different week long summer camps. One was an overnight week long camp, a few half day camps and the rest were full day. My two girls both did one week of afternoon camps. Which was the perfect amount for their personalities.

Read all about the girls favourite summer camp. Hint, it’s about horses. 

Going to summer day camps has been part of our usual summer holiday plans for the last six years. In retrospect five camps might have been one too many but my son loved everyone of the camps and there was a wide variety.

In my years as a parent I have found that tacking on a full day camp near the end of  our summer break is a great way to ease back into the school routine. For the kids and for myself! Having to set an alarm to get up on time to pack lunches is not my favourite thing. Then comes the feat of making sure to get out the door on time. Our morning hustle is still a bit rusty but we are definitely ahead of the game for when the school bell rings.

Visting A Berry Farm

This activity was on a previous summer bucket list and I added it again because I knew despite the age differences of the kids that we would all have fun. The girls enjoyed picking blueberries to bring home and we all enjoyed the fun activities that this particular berry farm had to offer. So much so that we stayed for almost five hours on the farm.

This berry farm was out in Langley, BC and had everything we needed for a full day of fun with the little cousins. There was even a wine tasting for the moms and we tasted a variety of berry wines and ports. I think the best part was seeing my kids being active outside and also getting the experience to see how fruit grows.

Down Time At Home

This one was so important to me. Our family is out and about a lot so making a conscious decision to have an at home day is so needed. It allowed us to enjoy our time at home together and just have our immediate family around helped create needed rest and relaxation for all of us.

As it was our first summer in our townhouse we decided to make the most out of  the very tiny front patio and bought a super cute blow up pool. There were many afternoons that I filled up the big spaghetti pot with hot water and made dozens of trips back and forth. Hauling the heavy pot from the kitchen to the patio to fill the pool with warm water.

This blow up pool actually fit on our tiny patio. Can you tell I was skeptical? I was actually a tiny bit worried as I hadn’t really measured the area. So, when it arrived and it was blown up it fit like it was meant to be there!

If you like the look on this pool you can find it over at Minnidip. We picked out the Banana Leaves print and even I could relax on a floatie in the pool. It was also simple to blow up, you can use a hair dryer on cool.

Visiting Local Attractions

Fun really is waiting around the corner wherever you may live. It might be roller coasters and cotton candy but it could also be big green space to run around in. We were lucky to have a couple of fun adventures outside of downtown. Not as many as I was really hoping for but we did our best with my days off.

What I Really Know

My oldest turning ten in a few weeks and there are a few things I’ve become more aware. Summers spent with kids, where they want to hang out with you, is limited. One thing I can do is spend active quality time with my kids.

I am quite proud of the time we spent together this summer. I feel like many memories were made in the process. With the close of summer I’m looking forward to getting back into the school routine. Especially all of the things that a new season seems to promise.








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  1. Gina Butler says:

    Summer is the perfect time to make family memories. I’m sure the kids loved all the fun activities.

    Great use of the patio for a tiny pool. Kids don’t care how big the body of water is. They just want to get wet!