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Rainy Day Activities With Kids

November 8, 2018 // Parenting, Vancouver

It’s here. Rainy day after rainy day has officially arrived. We’ve dug out all of the boots, raincoats and umbrellas and have moved them to the front of the coat closet. For many parents rainy days inevitably encourage more time at home. Having to venture out in the rain can make every day activities feel like a huge hassle. Especially with kids in tow and the potential of being wet and cold at the same time.

Together with my three Vancouver kids we compiled our favourite things to do on a rainy day. Vancouver didn’t earn its nickname of Raincouver for no reason. As a family living in Vancouver we are all well versed on this wet wet season. A season that seems to span November to April and beyond.

How To Make The Best Of A Rainy Day

When asking my ten year old his favourite part of staying home on a rainy day he piped up right away, ‘making an epic fort!’. We’ve done this for years and it’s popular with toddlers all the way through to big kids. The key is to not let the mess get you feeling overwhelmed.

Sometimes we bring out our old Ikea kid tent and fill it with piles of books. Other times we magically transform the kids bunkbed into a wondrous cave of  make believe. For extra fun turn off the lights and bring out some flashlights.

Dance Party! This is the absolute favourite of my two girls. Move the furniture out of the way and crank up your kids favourite tunes. Change things up with a round of freeze dance or dance like your favourite animal. Bonus points if you also get up and bust a move. Such a great way for kids to burn off extra energy from being cooped up inside.

Rummage through the cupboards and whip up some of this amazing no cook play dough. We love making this chocolate scented play dough and all three kids will sit and play with it. Plus this stuff smells amazing and keeps forever.

Be okay with not doing much. We don’t need to fill up every single day with kid focused activities. Getting lost in a moment of play can actually be a fabulous thing. I love Dr. Deborah McNamara and her thoughts on the importance of play and letting your kids really get inside that bubble of play.

It’s Okay To Get Wet

Suit up and escape to the outdoors for some fresh air and puddle jumping. In all of the years I’ve lived here in Vancouver there have been many times where I forwent holding an umbrella while pushing a kid in a stroller because I wanted to hold a coffee instead.

Fill up the bath and set up a kid friendly movie on the counter using your laptop or iPad. A perfect way to warm up after puddle jumping. We love doing this one and the kids will stay in the bath until they turn into wrinkly prunes. It’s funny how just changing up something so routine as a bath can become extra fun.

While I would much prefer sunshine over rain, I will always still prefer rain over snow!  Know a rainy day ideas that has been kid approved? Feel free to share them in the comments.





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  1. Emily says:

    Ooooh yes!! I am the one that gets all kinds of uppity when the fort making sheets come out. I just want to fold them up LOL.

  2. Angela V says:

    The chocolate scented play-dough sounds like a fun one to make with the boys next time it’s raining and we are stuck at home! 🙂 Thx