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Traditions In Sisterhood: Annual Holiday Get Together

December 11, 2018 // Uncategorized

Years ago on a cold crisp Christmas morning my sisters and I had big plans. We had all bought the same Christmas pajamas to wear to our parents home for the gift opening and brunch. The matching jams were meant to be a low key funny surprise for our mum and it was well received by her. It was never intended to become an annual sisters tradition, however, over the last twelve or so years  it surely has.

Now with a mix of eight kids, shift work schedules and our husbands families we are never all together on Christmas day. This is just how the cookie crumbles but we’ve made it work. That being said one tradition that we still continue to make happen is our annual sisters Christmas weekend.

Christmas Past and Present

Advanced planning goes into this weekend. Securing a date months ahead of December. Then going back and forth till we finally find a date that works for three working mamas. We use this weekend to make sure that our annual tradition of wearing matching pajamas continues on. These moments feel so good, especially as we won’t be together on Christmas morning.

Past weekend get together’s have included going to the local theatre, indulging in a festive afternoon tea and taking in Christmas light shows in the city. There are usually dinners out, sipping of wine, Christmas shopping and lots of hanging out together.

Over the years one of the three sisters have always had a baby come along for the weekend. This was the first year that we were footloose and baby free! It felt very liberating not having a baby to jiggle, a stroller to push or having to quiet down the sisters party for nap time.

This year we shopped our favourite South Granville neighbourhood and filled up our bags with treasures for family and friends. It turns out that the second week of December brings a lot of good sales and discounts. Pro tip, holiday shopping is best done before 1 PM. The after lunch crowd booms and sidewalks and shops get busy.

Christmas Future 

One year I’d love to do our annual Christmas meet up a little bit differently and actually leave town or at least do a staycation in a local hotel. With all of our children getting older and the energy and focus shifting, this dream is doable.

I love visiting hotels over the holiday season. With the gorgeous lights and decor in the lobby plus the wonderful warm scents that fill the air. It’s no wonder I got married a week after Christmas. I truly love the holiday season.

Would you ever do a girls Christmas weekend? 



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