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Kids Books That Encourage Reading

January 8, 2019 // Mama Reviews It & Giveaways

I received this product for free from Moms Meet. However, as always this post is my honest opinion. Compensation for this post was provided.

One thing we welcome in our home is kids books. Recently I decided to tackle my kids massive library and got rid of all the baby board books that were taking up space on the shelves. We needed to do this to help make room for all of the potential new kids books they are bound to collect this year.

Raising A Bookworm By Choosing Engaging Kids Books

All three of my kids are bookworms and we spend a lot of time reading together or independently. It wasn’t always this way but by bringing books into our every day life, reading has naturally become part of what we do. My oldest is ten and he will take a book with us anywhere we go. In fact, because of this our car also has accumulated a decent library too.

The current hot read in our family is National Geographic Weird But True!. These are the perfect books for young readers, ranging from the reluctant reader to the avid page turner. Each book is filled with captivating kid friendly facts that grabs their attention.

Each volume has 300 hundred facts and topics range from the outrageous to slimy, sticky, smelly facts. The latter is probably the most popular volume in our home. National Geographic Weird But True! just celebrated one decade of publishing and they updated volume 1-10 of Weird But True for your reader to explore. In Canada you can find these fun books at Indigo, Costco and independent book shops. You can also shop on line here.

The kids are quick to pull facts from the books and they love being able to throw out their new knowledge in family conversations. There’s a lot of, ‘Mom did you know …’. Which makes for great dinner conversation and also a screen free alternative to passing time when we are driving in the car as family.

This is what ten year old Ben had to say about the Weird But True! books.

I think every kid my age would love these books. The books have so many fun facts inside and it’s about all different kinds of topics too. I love learning about different things like, Australian wombats poop is cube shaped! I also think the pictures in each book is really well done.

Facts And Fun Just For You

These are a few of my kids favourite Weird but True! facts from National Geographic Kids.

  • An average adult pees enough every year to fill a 150 gallon home aquarium.
  • There was no ice in Antartica 55 million years ago.
  • The hearts of some hummingbirds can beat faster than 1,000 times a minute.
  • Apples are one- quarter air.
  • In Thailand people have water fights to celebrate New Years.

Weird But True! has a Canadian contest happening now. If you have a reader in your family aged 6–14 they can enter. Kids can submit their own
verifiably weird fact about their hometown, province, or country. Just click over to National Geographic and follow the steps. The contest is open until January 31,2019.

Growing A Young Reader

Not every kid will eagerly sit down and want to read a book . Which is why finding different types of books is key in engaging them. Giving kids the opportunity to flex that reading muscle is so beneficial for their confidence.

For new readers, books that are broken up with a mix of pictures and words can help pique interest. Picture books also gives the learner hints to what the topic is about and can help to cue them for similar words.

Books that can be picked up and put down lets a reluctant reader engage at their own speed without losing track of what is happening inside the book. Ultimately giving them self assurance with reading.I



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