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The Bloedel Conservatory: Visiting With Kids

February 4, 2019 // Parenting, Vancouver

The Bloedel Conservatory is just a short drive out of downtown Vancouver. Here you can expect a fun visit with kids of all ages. Once you enter the front doors of the conservatory a warm tropical atmosphere greets you along with the sounds of birds singing.

The Bloedel Conservatory is located at the top of Queen Elizabeth Park and gets credit for being the highest point in Vancouver. This makes for some amazing views of the city while walking out front of the conservatory.

There is a large pay lot just outside the conservatory and ample handicap spots. While there is some steps to go down in order to enter the building, there is also wheelchair/stroller accessibility just around the dome.

Planning Your Visit

The actual conservatory is on the smaller side so taking a little one under five is perfect! You can do multiple loops inside the Bloedel Conservatory and take in all that they have to offer. Kids will enjoy sitting and listening to the different parrots chat and whistle. Plus, there’s a small bridge that bounces as you walk! Kids four and under are free.

Older kids can take one of the complimentary bird guides and go on a seek and find. It turns out that our seven year old really got into matching up the birds that she saw in the conservatory to the ones on the guide.

What To Expect At The Bloedel Conservatory

There’s over one hundred free flying birds to spot and guests are provided with a laminated guide to learn more about each bird. The chirping birds and humidity almost made it feel like we were back in Hawaii, which was a welcomed feeling on a cold day.

Whether you are local or coming from afar we’d recommend a visit to The Bloedel Conservatory. Add on a visit to the beautiful Queen Elizabeth park and you’ve got yourself a morning or afternoon adventure with gorgeous scenery.

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