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Fort Langley Family Day Trip

April 16, 2019 // Uncategorized

We recently decided to check out Fort Langley’s National Historical Site with our out of town family. Fort Langley is located just under an hour drive from downtown Vancouver and is a great spot for tourists and locals.

Its been over two years since the kids had been there and they were eager to go back. We enjoyed the new kid pricing,  kids and youth up to 17 are free as of 2018, and thoroughly enjoyed the new indoor kids area.

Day Trip To Fort Langley

Being a tourist in your own city, or even in a neighbouring town, can be just what you need for a little escape. We often check out the tourist attractions in Vancouver but it’s also refreshing to head out of the city.

Our family has a constant working list of places to go and things to do. Whether it’s for our own family or to use when family or friends are visiting. Fort Langley National Historical site was on the list!

Ready to explore! Map in hand. Children get a booklet to use while exploring Fort Langley. Hand pressed stamps are located through out the Fort to help kids complete the booklet. At the end a prize awaits them!

Fort Langley

  1. Inexpensive family fun. It is under $8 for an adult and free for kids and youth under 17 years old. 
  2. Educational and interesting for a variety of age groups. 
  3. Gold panning! Prepare to get a little wet while you slosh water through your pan in search of a nugget.
  4. Lots of space to run and roam for kids who like to move.
  5. A new indoors kids area where kids can tap into their imagination and play with an assortment of themed toys related to the fur trade.

In search of the golden nugget! It took a bit of work but our crew eventually did find a shiny ‘gold’ nugget. A total hit with kids 2-11 and adults too.

Exploring The Big House

Fort Langley National Historical site isn’t just for kids. The adults we were with had a great time touring the two story Big House. As you can see from the photo evidence we had a bit of fun playing dress up while we toured the house. The Big House is recognized as a Canadian Heritage building.

If you’ve ever been that person who enjoys having a sneaky peek into someone else’s home, the Big House will meet your needs. Explore the personalised bathrooms and bedrooms through out the house. Be aware it is quite dusty inside the house so be mindful if anyone in your group has allergies.

When you’re done visiting the Fort go for a short stroll and enjoy some of the local shops and cafes in the Fort Langley neighbourhood. From small boutiques to tasty eateries, you can make it a day trip visiting Fort Langley.

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  1. Sam P. says:

    Ah I love Fort Langley too!! It has seriously improved a bunch lately and there are a lot more cool places to eat and shop. Totally loving this post!