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Motherhood and Type 1 Diabetes

September 22, 2016 // Parenting // Comments

Back when I was a 19 year old nursing student I was sitting in my university Pathophysiology class and the professor started talking about the main symptoms of diabetes. I carefully nodded my head, taking it all in and understanding […]

Letters to M.I.T.C: Diabetes and Pregnancy

October 28, 2014 // Birth & Breastfeeding // Comments

I love getting personal mail from my readers and I recently got an email asking me about gestational diabetes and pregnancy. So, why ask a blogger? I’m not just a blogger but I’m also an experienced labour and delivery nurse […]

2 Things I Dislike: Being Sick and Asking For Help

February 12, 2014 // Parenting // Comments

A couple of days ago we had plans to host a cute little Valentine’s party and had bought decorations and made cards for little friends. The kids were so excited and for several days beforehand they were running around chanting, […]

Do You Practice Self Care?

February 2, 2014 // Parenting // Comments

Tonight I work a night shift and the next night I work a night shift, this means I’m in full on self care mode right now. This is my attempt at taking care of myself so I can actually feel […]

The Cookie Exchange, 1:10

December 17, 2013 // Parenting // Comments

The other evening I went to a cookie exchange that I’ve been a part of for the last 5 years. I baked 9 dozen sugar cookies and did a vanilla glaze icing, hand dipping each cookie. By the end of […]

Post Partum Weight Loss: I have reached my goal!

September 14, 2012 // Parenting // Comments

Back in July I gave up eating toast for breakfast and ditched sandwiches at lunchtime. I also traded in most packaged snacks in attempts to help fuel my post partum weight loss that seemed stagnant. I turned back to my […]