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Post Partum Anxiety: A Mother’s Experience With Maternal Mental Health

January 30, 2019 // Birth & Breastfeeding, Parenting // Comments

In honour of Bell Let’s Talk I am republishing this honest post on maternal mental health. While it is easy to share the joyful moments of motherhood and a new baby it is equally important to recognise the painful and […]

Let’s Mother The Mother: A Personal Experience Post Partum

Despite being a specialized perinatal RN working at the bedside supporting new mothers learning to breastfeed, I still struggled deeply with feeding back when I had my first baby. In the early weeks post partum I found breastfeeding to be beyond hard and found […]

Joyfully Living With My Mummy Tummy

March 11, 2016 // Pure Mama // Comments

“Mum why is your tummy so squishy? Is there a baby growing in it mummy?”. “No sweet darling. There’s no baby in there but you did grow in there. So did your baby sister did and so did your big brother. […]

I Was Lost: A Personal Story

October 19, 2015 // Parenting, Pure Mama // Comments

Over the last few weeks I have slowly started to feel like my old self. I don’t know exactly what shifted but I can feel the change and I am welcoming it.  Over the last year the Andrea that existed […]

My Hair Might Be Falling Out But At Least My Lips Look Good!

August 18, 2015 // Beauty, Pure Mama // Comments

The post partum period can actually be kind of intimidating even when it’s the third time around. You’ve had your baby but your body isn’t necessarily back to where it was at before being pregnant… and then all of your hair […]