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It’s Been Quiet Around Here

January 30, 2015 // Birth & Breastfeeding, Parenting // Comments

  It’s been purposefully quiet around here as I find myself coping with life the best way that I can, which means becoming a bit more of an introvert. I’ve found that when  life is low key and there isn’t a […]

Is It A Boy Or A Girl?

January 16, 2015 // Birth & Breastfeeding // Comments

My brain has been buzzing lately with all things pregnancy and baby related and sometimes I find it hard to stop and think about other things.  While I’m sipping my coffee or playing with my kids, the thoughts are always […]

It’s All About The Bath: 24 Weeks Pregnant

January 11, 2015 // Birth & Breastfeeding // Comments

Right now I’m living day to day and also in two week blocks. That’s the amount of time between one ultrasound to the next ultrasound and our last one was positive. We’ve got another ultrasound to check on baby later […]

Resilience And A Pregnancy Update

Around this time of year bloggers often choose a word for the upcoming New Year. I’ve never felt compelled to choose one word that would be the theme for the year ahead, but this year one word came so easily to […]

The Truth About This Pregnancy

December 8, 2014 // Birth & Breastfeeding // Comments

The past couple of months I’ve been posting on this blog very sporadically and there’s very good reason for my lack of presence. Back in August I found out I was pregnant and I was a little bit shocked and […]

Sharing A Secret

November 23, 2014 // Birth & Breastfeeding, Pure Mama // Comments

This Spring we will be welcoming baby #3 into our family! I could write and write about this pregnancy because it has been so different than my other pregnancies. Actually, now that we’ve shared our secret I’m sure I will […]