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You guys!! It’s April!! I can’t believe I am here and pregnant after such a crazy stressful pregnancy. I remember being told I’d be lucky to get to 30 weeks and tomorrow I will be 36 weeks. Amazing.

While I finish off the last weeks of growing this special baby, I’ll be featuring a few of my favourite bloggers who all happen to be a mothers of 3. First up is local Vancouver blogger Bianca Bujan of the blog ‘Bits of Bees’. I asked Bianca to give me some inside scoop on how to survive the first year with 3. Thank you so much Bianca!


The fact that I’ve grown and popped out three kids does not, in any way, make me an expert. That being said, they are all still alive (as am I), so I must be doing something right, right?
I promise that having 3 kids is more rewarding than it may appear to onlookers when I’m out in public. While it may sometimes look like I’m merely “surviving” life with my triad of tootsies, I can honestly say that I’m enjoying the chaos that comes with having a bountiful brood.
Being a mom of three is like being part of an exclusive club. We’ve survived the first-time mom conundrums, we’ve done double duty with 2 kidlets, and have made that risky decision to dive into the ‘more kids than hands’ territory that many parents of 1 of 2 kids fear.  Maybe that’s why 3 is becoming the new 2 – because we’re kind of superheroes.
As I approach the final months of my first year as a mom of 3, I thought I’d share some of my learnings with Andrea who will soon be joining ‘the club’. Andrea delivered my firstborn, so I figure I owe her any pieces of wisdom that I can share before she leaps into the world of 3. Here’s what I’ve come up with:
Divide and Conquer. Have you ever tried to carry a bag of sugar, while walking a goat and pushing a wheelbarrow? Having 3 young kids with you when you’re out and about is kind of the same thing (at least, at first). My advice: whenever you can, split them up – leave 1 or 2 kids at home with your other half when you have some running around to do. Family time is important, but so is keeping your sanity – you can all do something together when you get back from the store.
Time Out For Mommy. This is important for any mom – regardless of how many children you have. If you don’t take time out for yourself every once in awhile (even just a long uninterrupted shower, or a massage, or a quick pedi), you will burn out. It’s better for you, and it’s better for them too.
One-on-One Time. With more kids fighting for your attention, it’s even more important to make sure that each one feels truly special. Do something with each child that they truly enjoy, just you and him/her. They will appreciate having your undivided attention (even if only for an hour or so), and will be easier to live with as a result.
Let Baby Cry. I’m not saying that you have to let your sweet little cherub ‘cry it out’ (because to each their own), but if you’re in the middle of listening to one of your other littles tell you a story, or you’re helping them with something important, don’t run off the second you hear a peep from your babe’s mouth. Waiting another minute or two to finish what you’re doing with  child #1 or #2 won’t harm your baby, and it will show them that they are important to you too.
You Can’t Do It All. I’m sorry, but you just can’t. If the laundry piles up, let it go. If you just don’t have time to make a fancy dinner, order in. Don’t over schedule yourself, and don’t for a second be down on yourself for not being able to do everything. Remember, you’re a superhero, but you’re not invincible.
Ignore The Stares. There’s something about seeing a mom on her own with 3 children in tow. For some, it’s like witnessing a car accident right before their eyes, and they can’t look away. I say chin up, and ignore them. You never know, they could be staring because they’re envious of your new superhero status.
Find Your Tribe. Last but not least, find your tribe. If you know other moms who have 3 kids, band together! Have play dates, share your stories and lean on each other for support/advice. Surrounding yourself only with moms who have less children than you can make you feel a bit like an outcast at times (because new moms and new moms-to-two have their own struggles, and each experience is just different).
I hope this helps! Good luck, and enjoy every moment.
 Bianca Bujan was recognized as one of‘s Top 30 Vancouver Mom Bloggers in 2012, and enjoys sharing advice, quotes and anecdotes from a career mom of three through her blog Bits of Bee. By day, Bianca creates buzz for small businesses through content creation, content marketing, social media strategy and brand development through her own business, Bee Communications. In her spare time, Bianca enjoys exploring the outdoors with her family in the beautiful surroundings of BC’s North Shore where she calls home.

It’s no secret that this has been a really hard pregnancy for me since the first few weeks of finding out baby #3 was growing. I’m sure some of my girlfriends also feel like it’s the worlds.longest.pregnancy, especially those that have been there for me since day 1. There has probably been over a thousand text messages exchanged about this pregnancy since the early days.

Over the last 8.5 months there hasn’t been many days where I’ve felt like my old self. I’ve been consumed with severe nausea and vomiting that had me crawling from the bed to the bathroom. The bleeding, oh the terrible bleeding, that left me a stressed out basket case. That was horrific on its own.  Then the stress that there were issues with the baby…and on and on.

I’m 34 weeks right now and the nausea and vomiting is history and the baby is doing amazing and we have been down graded from being high risk for a few different reasons to just being high risk for being a type 1 diabetic.  To keep things interesting my own body is taking a beating and my blood pressure is starting to creep up.

Back in 2008 I was induced with Ben at 36 weeks for high blood pressure and Josie came at 38 weeks, another induction for blood pressure that was creeping up and type 1 diabetes. Compared to the late pre-term birth of Ben, I was happy to have a baby at 38 weeks and I really noticed the differences the extra 2 weeks that pregnancy had on the baby.

On Friday afternoon I saw my OB and surprise surprise my blood pressure has started to creep up. Really, I am not surprised at all and it was only a matter of time. Especially with this ridiculous placenta of mine that has been causing issues from the very start. Yes, placenta you may be helping my baby grow but you are also a bit of a jerk. My placenta is also anterior which means it is in the front by my tummy so I feel movements differently.

I almost can’t wait to meet this placenta of mine eye to eye. It has been a terrible trickster from the early days with the crazy bleeding. This placenta is the reason behind all the extra doctors visits and crazy amount of ultrasounds I’ve had and the high level of surveillance. They called it ‘placental insufficiency’. I won’t be burying this placenta under a rose bush or making it into capsules or a placenta smoothie. Instead I will be shaking my fist at it!

In the world of type 1 diabetes, this placenta is also requiring a RIDICULOUS amount of insulin. Like so ridiculous I don’t think I’ve had a patient taking this much insulin before. At 34 weeks I am almost taking double what I took at the same week of pregnancy with Josie. I can eat a lettuce leaf and require a big shot of insulin, how crazy is that? I am taking so much insulin each and every day that I had to get special insurance coverage and my endocrinologist had to call them to tell them it was a legit dose.

‘No, she is not selling insulin on the streets. She just has a really funky placenta that requires the most ridiculous high dose of insulin.’

This week I’m starting extra surveillance of me and the baby, to make sure that my wonky blood pressure isn’t effecting either of us. I feel so very aware that at anytime I could be told ‘NOW IS THE TIME TO HAVE THE BABY’. I could be going in for a routine fetal monitoring session and leave days later with a baby on the outside.

As a planner this does give me a tiny bit of panic, but I’m really trying to go with the flow and realize that in pregnancy we have no control over many many things. We don’t get to write our story before it’s over and we don’t get to narrate it as it develops. We are really just along for the journey.

I feel the need to pack some kind of hospital bag despite only being 34 weeks and I feel like I need to organize a bit more baby stuff in prep for the big arrival. However, the real beauty of having your third baby is that you realize all of these plans really don’t mean much. Having a gorgeous fully stocked nursery is not mandatory for taking a newborn home. Neither is having the best packed hospital bag or all the gadgets you think you need for the first 3 months.


My day! A little baby monitoring followed up by a 'just in case the baby comes early' pedicure!

My day! A little baby monitoring followed up by a ‘just in case the baby comes early’ pedicure!


The relaxed hippie inside of me says, ‘Relax lady! You’ve got your boobs, a spot for the baby to sleep…you’re golden’. So, I will try to tune out my pre planner voice and just go with the flow. If only I could figure out what to do with my 2 kids and 1 crazy dog, if I do have to have the baby early, I really could be all sorts of relaxed!




Spring Break

March 16, 2015 // Parenting

It’s the second week of Spring Break for us over here and I can’t believe it, but I’ve just got ONE kid with me right now. My older sister who lives on Vancouver Island offered to host Ben for a bunch of days and nights for some Spring Break cousin fun. She has 2 school aged kids who are also on Spring Break (plus her own baby who doesn’t sleep). I did not hesitate at the generosity and packed up Ben’s little suitcase.

Having Ben staying over with his cousins has been amazing. Not just for the obvious benefits for me, ummm 1 kid at home, but also knowing that he is getting up to some fun stuff with his cousins instead of watching me slowly walk down the street at a snails pace or watching me literally heave ho to get up off the bed. Last week we were walking down the city sidewalk and Ben turns to me and says, ‘wow mum, you sure are getting even slower these days’. It’s true and I’m not denying it.

I will be frank, having just 1 kid around when you’re all big and pregnant feels like the biggest treat ever. It’s funny though, I don’t remember thinking life was an easy ride when it was just Ben and I was 8 months pregnant with Josie! I guess it is one of those retrospective parenting things because life is feeling pretty sweet these last few days. Often when I’ve felt overwhelmed I would think in amazement at all the pregnant mothers out there who have more than 3 at home already. Seriously ladies, how do you do it? Seriously, tell me.

Having just Josie means that our days are lot different than when it’s both the kids. Finding activities that are cool for a 6 and a 3 year old to do together on Spring Break can be tough as their interests are different. I’ve found it’s easier to get a 3 year old to tag along on your day to day errands than a 6 year old. A 3 year old doesn’t seem to question the boring factor when you are grabbing groceries or heading to the pharmacy, they are just excited to be with you.

The first day that Ben was out of town Josie would not stop asking when he was returning. It was pretty adorable how much she missed her big brother and a little bit eye rolling as the two of them had literally been wrestling and hitting each other moments before we drove Ben to the ferry for his Spring Break adventures.

Josie wanted to save bits of her snacks for her big brother and she would randomly sigh and say, ‘…but where is Ben? When is he getting back?’. A good 24 hours later and our little lady was JUST FINE with being the only kid around. In fact, she adapted so well to her new role and totally stopped asking where her big brother was.

She learned that she was able to pick whatever Netflix show she wanted without hearing a 6 year olds opinion about why it was lame. She went and touched all of his Hot Wheels without getting into trouble by him and she danced and danced in the middle of the living room to silly songs that only she loves.


By day three Josie was lapping up all the parental attention and, for what seemed like a very long time, pretended to be a puppy (thanks Paw Patrol!). There was no big brother to tell her to stop barking or to yank away her ‘dog toy’, AKA her homemade fairy wand. Since it entertained her we just let her go with it and so so she did… until she collapsed into a fit of giggles.


Just a couple more nights of Josie enjoying being the only child and then it is back to life with a big brother. Soon enough this little girl will be a middle sister and life will be even more different. So, for now we just enjoy the giggles! So many giggles.


My amnio was booked for a few days after Christmas and the appointment came so much faster then I wanted it too. By the time of my appointment I was 22 weeks pregnant and it was just a week before that we had been given the news there might be something wrong with the baby growing inside me. We knew that we wanted the best chance for this baby and knowing more about what was going on could ultimately help us.

I never thought I would have an amnio before I was met head on with the big decision in this pregnancy.  I felt like if something was going on with this baby, I wanted to know what it was. If there was something we could do to help the baby before it was born, I wanted that choice.

For the most part, my choice was met with total support from friends and family. A few friends were weirded out by the idea of me having an amnio and automatically thought that anyone agreeing to have an amnio meant they were planning to end the pregnancy. I will be honest, I had a major eye roll on that one. Way to jump the gun.

In my professional life as an OB nurse, I knew that if something was going on with the baby knowing ahead of time could be a huge asset through the pregnancy and at birth. Ultimately, having the right resources lined up BEFORE birth could be a lifesaver after birth.

Days Before
The days leading up to my amnio I was full of emotion but also a weird sense of ease. My sisters swept in and took my 2 kids and had all these great plans to distract them with holiday festivities. Having my kids gone really helped with my emotional status and I felt like I could focus all energy on me and the baby.

I made plans for a spa pedicure with a girlfriend the day before the amnio and later that evening I had dinner plans with more girlfriends to indulge, distract and keep my mind busy. These things were vital to my own survival and coping and I am so appreciate of these friends. I am all about self care when things are stressful and know this is what works best for me.

The Day Of
I was able to sleep in a bit the morning of the appointment. Again I was thankful that I didn’t have the other 2 kids around as I’m sure I would have been all yelly and short tempered with them. Instead I had a nice bath and changed my bedsheets in anticipation of the post procedure 24 hours of bedrest. I tidied up my bedroom and charged up my laptop with plans to watch endless movies while I rested.

I really wasn’t too nervous heading to the hospital for the procedure and I just wanted to get it over with. I think that being a RN helped me feel a bit calmer with understanding the process. While this may be a unique procedure FOR ME it was not a unique procedure for the perinatologist and that made me feel calm.

When we arrived at the hospital we met with a registered nurse who went over consent forms and walked us through how things were going to go. Luckily she did not make us watch the 20 minute pre procedure video after she learned that I was an OB nurse. I really just wanted to get on with things. We were taken to a procedure room and there was laughter and a light mood and I joined along with the laughs. We had an ultrasound tech, a RN and a perinatologist in our room and my husband sat near me too.

The Amniocentesis Procedure
We had an amazing perinatologist and his demeanour and bedside manner made a huge difference with how I felt. At first the tech scanned my belly and figured out what position the baby was in. I paid attention to the ultrasound monitor to distract myself while the doctor and the nurse got ready. My tummy was washed with antiseptic and the doctor donned his sterile gloves and draped my tummy with a sterile drape. I concentrated on my breathing and could see the doctor gently pushing the baby around on the ultrasound screen with his external pressure.

He told me I’d feel a poke and soon enough I did. I would compare it to having blood drawn from your arm but in your uterus. Similar sensation with the poke and pressure but it lasted longer and was just uncomfortable more than painful. It was fairly quick and just like that the amnio was over. The doctor and I had a chat about things and he was so personable and real.

When I stood up to leave I had some pinching pains in my uterus and felt a general ache on the drive home. I made sure I wore my soft stretchy yoga pants and kept them lower on my tummy than the puncture site. When we got home I was so grateful for the clean bedsheets and tidy room. I started my 24 hours of bedrest and had a nap, switching things up with movies and eating dinner in bed. My hubby treated me like a queen and fetched me my favourite take out salad.

Waiting For Results
In Canada, all amniontic fluid is sent out of country to Santa Fe, New Mexico. I have to say that I had NO idea that in Canada we don’t have a facility that tests amniotic fluid. When I signed the procedure consents I had to sign one for my fluid to be tested out of country. Luckily, the results came in quickly. I had my amnio on a Monday and by Wednesday I was called with the rapid results for the top 3 trisomies and everything was normal. Another week later and we got the full results of the rapid array and again, everything was normal. I can’t express what a relief this news is. That breath that I had been trying so hard to catch was finally inhaled with ease.

Over the 10 or so days of waiting for the big results I couldn’t help but imagine myself in every scenario. I remember laying in the bath and trying to imagine what it would feel like to hear the genetic counsellor tell me on the phone that something had come back positive. I did the ugly cry in the bath many times and kept trying to play out different scenarios of what could happen.

My Experience
Even before we knew the results, I ended up feeling empowered by my choice and I’m really glad that I chose to have the amnio. While we still have some concerns with the baby, it feels good to have been able to rule out different things and know what was going on. If I had to do things over, I would choose to have the amnio again.

Over the last few months I’ve totally become way more of a homebody than I usually am. When people ask me,’ So! What’s new with you?!’, I don’t really have much to tell them besides children related topics or baby growing kind of things.

In my attempt to keep some form of sanity I do have a few favourite things that have helped me feel sort of like I have a life. I proudly binge watched my way through various Netflix shows and felt that terrible sense of despair when Netflix ran out of seasons to offer me.

Side note: I apparently have a thing for women centred dramas that have to do with legal issues.


Over the weekend I met up with a girlfriend at one of my favourite lounges downtown… at 8 PM people. Basically it was ah-mazing that I was dressed and meeting someone for an 8 PM start. These days I’m such a hermit that as soon as the kids are in bed I’m usually in some kind of full on stretchy outfit with a mountain of pillows and my Netflix ready to go. It felt so great to be out and I loved every minute of the evening.

It seems that over the last few weekends we are in serious preparation mode for this baby’s arrival. Apparently an April baby makes the opportunity for a real Spring cleaning that much more legit. My husband is even in nesting mode as he took on some baby related projects with no wifely prompting. Last weekend he built the bunk beds for Ben and Josie and this weekend he was busy refinishing the crib for baby #3. Plus, he totally researched baby carriers on his own and bought a Beco Soleil baby carrier. 

It seems that all of our weekends off together have been filled with tasks and errands, so I called up the babysitter and we went out for a grown up brunch down the street. I will admit to enviously eyeing my hubby’s mojito and as soon as we inhaled our delicious brunch I wanted to take a nap on the bench that I was sitting on. However, we were out and at a place that was totally not family friendly and it was so nice.


I’m 32 weeks and a bit right now and the goal is to get to 38 weeks Which means 6 more weeks of growing this sweet baby. I can’t wait to show you the newly redone kids room once all the pieces are in place. We are totally making the space work for us and have taken on quite the minimalist approach to the hoarding of toys and other kid trinkets. Anything semi broken or crappy was booted out along with those toys that weren’t being played with anymore. It appears to be another win for quality over quantity.


Dear Friends

February 24, 2015 // Pure Mama

I found that adulthood changed the way friendship worked for me and for the most part it was for the better. Being an adult means you don’t need to keep friends around who drain you or those who create stress and havoc in your life. Back in my mid 20’s I purposefully ended two different friendships because they just created too much drama in my life and I didn’t feel valued. I’m sure that I didn’t end the relationship in the most graceful way but it did feel amazing to cut the ties of a bad relationship and move on.

As I move through my thirties I’ve learned that being an adult means you can have all sorts of friends in your life who each fill a different purpose. You’ve got the mama friend who totally gets your mama drama with the day to day life stress and strain. The single gal pal who keeps you current in the present but also connected to the past. The occasional friend who totally gets you and can make you laugh the instant you get together. The local friend who can swing by in a moments notice for a glass of impromptu wine or to bring Pepto and ginger ale when you’re sick. I don’t think I’ve ever been a woman to just have one exclusive BFF, I prefer to have many deep friendships that grow over the years.


A thing I love most about adult friendships is how time can pass without seeing each other, yet you can still be rock solid. I still remember that weird feeling of going back to high school after the summer break and feeling sort of awkward around friends I hadn’t seen for the last two months. Sometimes we could pick up where we left off but it wasn’t a guarantee and friendships fizzled.

Back when my two sisters were growing up we weren’t always friends and there are stories about the mega fighting we all did. It wasn’t until we were adults that we became friends and sisters. It’s a pretty amazing combo and I’m thankful for my sisters who so easily step in and mother my own children when I need a time out.

Over the years as I’ve become busier with my own family life and kid free time dwindles to sporadic hours here and there, I’ve learned to cherish good friendships on a different level. Back in December when we were told that something was wrong with the baby,  I didn’t hesitate to quickly reach out to those friends that I knew would be helpful, supportive and who would help me through the insane amount of tears. As soon as we left the hospital post scary ultrasound I was texting the friends that I knew could carry me through.

I will never forget those dear friends that stopped what they were doing to surround me with their love and help me navigate through all of the emotions and uncertainty. It wasn’t just the huge gestures that I’ll remember but also ALL those little things that added up and are now forever pressed into my memory. As the weeks went by and we got bits and pieces of reassuring news about the baby, I felt so comforted in the strength of my friendships. Every person brought something just a little bit different to the situation and when it was all laid out, I was completely covered in support.

After having a big stress in our family and so much unknown over the last 2-3 months, I rea what real friendship truly feels like. My sincerest thanks goes to these women who helped keep my head above water when I felt like I was sinking. It was the friend who whisked my kids away for dinner when we arrived home post scary ultrasound. It was the friend who texted me repeatedly to ask how I was doing and remembered to check in after each doctors visit. It was the friend who took me out for dinner the night before my amnio to fill me with distraction and carbs. It was all of these amazing friends who I leaned upon when I felt so scared.

I never had to ask, they always just gave and for that I am so thankful. If I was drinking wine right now I’d be raising a big glass to those friends who showed me what friendship and sisterhood is all about. It feels so good to know that I have you as a friend.




If you’ve been reading the posts prior to this one you might think I’ve got things held together pretty nicely despite having some pregnancy stress. I’ve definitely tried my best and I have tapped into all those resources I’d teach my patients about positively coping in shitty situations. The truth is, yammering about resilience and keeping things calm is great, sometimes shopping will also make you feel better.

Last weekend I had a bunch of glorious kid free hours in a row to myself and decided to take that time to go shopping. I rationalized that since I’ve spent so much time at home over the last few months that I must have saved up all my spending money and so I decided to shop.

First stop was to Sephora to find some Yves St Laurent’s touch éclat. Now, this is a product I’ve been using for around 7 years but I’ve been out of it since the first bouts of morning sickness rolled around in early September. I guess I must have given up on what I looked like since that time because restocking my empty make up supply has been a majorly low priority.  I saw a little sign that promised, ‘LOOK LIKE YOU’VE SLEPT 8 HOURS!‘, so I bought it. I mean, I literally bought into the marketing campaign and spent $50 on a tiny pen of stuff to put under my eyes because 8 hours of sleep sounded so dreamy.


Now that things are looking up pregnancy wise I’m off bedrest and I’m back to my usual ways. Albeit, a lot slower than I was a couple months ago! I stocked up on a few more make up essentials that I’ve been doing with out over the last few months. My Wild Plum lipstick from Aveda is my all time every day favourite and so I quickly went in and out of the shop in the most efficient way.

I was feeling pretty peppy with my shopping high and decided to check out Baby Gap because I am a sucker for the sale sign on tiny little newborn sleepers. I’m not one of those pregnant ladies who buys every single thing a newborn will need before the newborn is here in my arms. I’ve never been that way. I usually buy a few essentials and the rest ALWAYS falls into place. Between the on line shopping while I’m up in the middle of the night breastfeeding my cluster feeding newborn or the gifts that friends and family give, the baby will have enough ‘stuff’. That is the take home message to any first time mama out there who might be fretting because the nursery is not totally finished and stocked. It’ll work out.

Anyways, off my blog soap box. I bought the softest sweetest all white newborn sleeper from the Baby Gap and I’ve been showing it to the big kids and allowing myself to get a bit more excited about the idea that a new baby will be joining us in about 9 weeks or less. I love newborns in all white and I have a big soft spot when I find an all white sleeper or baby nightgown.

With purchases in hand I was feeling seriously fatigued from my shopping excursion. It was actually embarrassing how long it took me to go from one shop to the next shop as I’m really slowing down these days and lost so much reserve from my previous months of resting at home. I even had to take a little nap after the shopping trip! Long story short: resilience and positive coping is a great thing but so is a feel good shopping trip.



As I approach the 28 week mark of pregnancy things seem to be starting to get increasingly busy around here! This is a pivotal week in pregnancy for prematurity and survival and it’s also the week that I told the top docs that I was comfortable increasing the surveillance of our baby.


After having a bunch of ‘quieter’ weeks that were sprinkled with doctors appointments and ultrasounds, I’m now seeing some kind of specialist each and every week. I feel like I need a serious date with my day planner so I can keep up on regular family life and all of the appointments that come with being a high risk pregnancy. Forget a social life for the next while.

Right now I can’t quite wrap my mind around how I’m going to make all of these appointments flow, so I am just going to let it unfold the best that I can. I’m hoping I can reach out to friends and family to help me out with my other two kids so that I can go to each high risk appointment with a bit of calmness. It’s enough to just go through the motions of the appointments, let alone having to rear your other kids in the waiting rooms, assessment rooms and offices.

I’ve been bringing Josie to my regular OB appointments and it is always somewhat entertaining (and exhausting) as she asks every time what the vagina posters on the walls are all about. Then she interrupts me and the doctor every 15 seconds asking if she can have the juice box in my purse or watch Netflix on my iPhone. I end up leaving the appointment remembering questions I had wanted to ask my doc but was too distracted to remember.

From now on, I’m going to be having an ultrasound plus an appointment with the high risk doctors each week. On top of that, I’m also going to be going to the hospital for weekly fetal monitoring and seeing my primary OB. It’s sort of a good thing I am off work right now because I don’t think I could fit work into my high risk pregnant life. I am truly appreciative of all these checks on my baby to make sure things are doing well. No red flags will be missed so maybe I can relax a little bit on non appointment days?

After each appointment I feel so exhausted, even if it is was a decent appointment and I didn’t have to wait for hours for the doctor to arrive. I leave feeling okay and then I get in the car and I can feel the stress of it all. It hits my head, then my shoulders like a solid weight and then I feel like I need a mega nap. It’s draining to have so much worry and uncertainty in your everyday life and also just deal with the normal parts of being pregnant.

Until the baby arrives (let’s hope that is April people!!) I think sushi delivery will be in my weekly repertoire along with breakfast for dinner. I’m just going to go easy on myself and really try hard to lessen that usual daily stress we all have so that I can better cope with my life right now.


It’s been purposefully quiet around here as I find myself coping with life the best way that I can, which means becoming a bit more of an introvert. I’ve found that when  life is low key and there isn’t a lot of fuss going on, I can muster through each day a bit better. I’ve got weekly doctors appointments, sometimes a couple in one week, and I find those emotionally exhausting and time consuming. Waiting for specialists that are working with other families experience big life events often means you can wait up to 2 hours just to get your face to face time in.

It’s now been a full month that I’ve been off work and I’ve spent so much more one on one time with Josie than we ever have before.  We hang out at home resting it up and we’ve got our system down with how we spend time together while her big brother is off at school. Hint: there are lots of art attacks happening here all the time!


I’m feeling a bit more content with life as we get closer to the big 28 week mark of this pregnancy. It has been amazing how completely different this pregnancy has been for me, and it’s been that way right from day 1. With all the drama and stress,  starting in the first trimester, it feels like I’ve been pregnant for 70 years. This pregnancy has challenged me in so many ways and aged me in so many other ways. Stress!! I think I’ve had 8 ultrasounds so far and there is more ahead of me as we closely monitor this baby.


On days when I get a small burst of energy, and it isn’t raining buckets, we head out the door and go on a small excursion somewhere nearby. Lucky for us we live by a lot of fun destinations like Granville Island. It’s so close to us but once we get there it feels like we are somewhere far away and I love that escape.


Right now I’m just not going out about like I used to and therefore I am loving the connection of technology even more. This past Wednesday Ben headed out on a fun field trip to a local fire station downtown and, with the quick send off of pics from my husband, it almost felt like I was there. When Ben was 2,3,4 years old, we used to walk by this exact fire station on the way to one his little toddler classes and he always wanted to go inside. So, it seemed extra special that he finally got to go and explore it.


Just when things were looking rather gloomy in Vancouver and the mass of rain started pelting down on us, we got a fantastic mail delivery from my mother in law in sunny Florida! A huge case of freshly picked oranges that you could smell through the box they were delivered in. We got honey bell oranges and they were like no orange I’ve bought in Vancouver so far. With bed head intact, the kids woke up and helped make freshly squeezed OJ on our old school hand juicer.


Right now I feel like I am living in 2 week windows of time. That’s the amount of time between each big ultrasound that I have. Sometimes I feel like all my energy goes into keeping calm that I don’t have much reserve left for much of anything else, and I am okay with that.

The Thankful Birthday

January 21, 2015 // Parenting

Last week Josie and I lay on the bed and picked out a birthday cake on the computer from our local Cupcakes shop. We went with a blue and purple colour theme to go with her chosen Frozen themed party. I wanted to spruce things up so a shiny silver number 3 balloon from local on line shop Confetti And Sparkle Party Shop was also ordered while we lounged in bed. I really loved this cake topper and think it was a perfect addition to Josie’s cake.


One thing that I’ve always loved is bringing my kids their birthday cakes and watching their little faces feel the moment. I think, if my math doesn’t fail me now, I’ve done this routine at least 9 times so far. Seeing those faces smile as you sing to them is fantastic and I’m thankful. I am so thankful to be able to have these moments.


Josie’s little face was no exception and she seriously lit up when I brought the cake over. The only thing that she had problems with is blowing out the three candles. Despite our practice round on her real birthday last week, she still couldn’t get the birthday blowout technique.

josie-is-3-facebook-0030 josie-is-3-facebook-0031

She would not give up and those weren’t those silly trick candles that won’t go out. She tried many times before this happened.


josie-is-3-family-birthday-0013 josie-is-3-family-birthday-0014

Watching her struggle to blow out her birthday candles, her big brother stepped in and gently asked her if she wanted his help. She nodded and they tried it together and, wouldn’t you know it, just like that the candles blew out. We clapped and cut up cake and Josie worried there wouldn’t be enough leftovers for her. ‘There’s sure a lot of people here eating all the cake!‘ and, again, I felt thankful.


PS. And a special thank you to the clothing shop  Over The Loom who hand delivered Josie’s sweet Frozen inspired frock while I was ‘taking it easy’ at home.