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There Goes The Foreskin

September 3, 2009 // Parenting

I believe in circumcision the same way that I believe in foot binding for girls in China. I think infant male circumcision is an archaic procedure that needs to be given up. When I gave birth to a baby with a penis it was not even in our parental discussion to make the decision about having him circumcised. My husband and I had talked about this topic before babies even came on our radar and we both thought that circumcision was an unnecessary tradition that needed to go the way of total extinction.

In my job as a maternity RN I have been the assistant to a MD for a total of one circumcision and through the 3.5 years working with babies I have been on shift for a total of 4 circumcisions. It seems there is not so much foreskin cutting going on in the hospital these days. It is not standard or routine practice for all baby boys like it was back in the day. Most of the time the circumcising parents ask if they can leave the room during the procedure and hand the baby over to you and cover their eyes and run to the door. I always found this so odd and I still do not understand this reaction. Why would you agree to have your newborn child have a totally elective procedure, where they scream bloody murder, while you hide your eyes? If you make the informed decision to have your baby son circumcised you should be right there with them and not leave them to experience the wrath of your choice.

Apparently there is a decline in the rate of circumcision and there are more intact boys growing up. When do we totally trump tradition and stop mutilating our boys? People are generally outraged about FEMALE CLITORAL circumcision so why is this different? There seems to be a struggle between the rights of the parents versus the rights of the baby. The truth is that circumcision is truly going out of fashion, at least in Canada. Go Canada! Soon uncircumcised baby boys will grow into men and foreskin will dominate and it will be more taboo to be a circumcised man.

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia stand by this statement: ‘The matter of infant male circumcision is particularly difficult in regards to human rights, as it involves consideration of the rights of the infant as well as the rights of the parents. Also, the Canadian Association for Genital Integrity has this to say: Infant male circumcision is an irreversible surgical operation. It is not medically required. Performing an irreversible, medically unnecessary operation on a minor is generally viewed as a breach of medical ethics. Medically unnecessary surgery on female genitals is expressly prohibited by the Criminal Code of Canada.

My intention is to educate, discuss and share my own opinion about male infant circumcision. For the record, I also do not believe in stoning people to death for things like having premarital sex (click here). An archaic and disgusting practice much like circumcision.



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