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What’s Under Your Christmas Tree?

December 17, 2009 // Uncategorized

Since becoming a parent I have really started to understand the magic and excitement that children experience this time of year. I see my boys eyes light up with the jingle of a bell or the shine of an ornament hanging on our Christmas tree. I’ve realized that the holiday season becomes so much more special when shared with children.

The one thing that I did not want to overdo while celebrating Christmas with Ben was the presents. Sure, I want him to have some nice presents to rip into but I totally get the fact that at the age of one, quantity means nothing. So, I chose quality and only a few of these items at the same time. I hope to continue this as my boy grows and have no plans to gift him with overly expensive and outrageous presents.

So, this year wrapped up under the tree waiting for Ben are a few eco friendly toys. A dump truck made out of recycled milk jugs by Green Toys will be ready for Ben to load up and vroom vroom around the room.

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He will also find this Ecotronic Eco Phone tied up with a colourful ribbon. This toy comes with minimal packaging and no excess box or ties. We won’t be hunting for batteries either because it recharges when you shake it. Very cool idea and perfect for Ben.

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I am also having a fun time coming up with little presents for Ben’s stocking. He might find some toddler spoons and other items that he actually needs but I’m sure he will think they are fun just the same. So, whats under YOUR Christmas tree this year? Are you going all out or being more thrifty and conservative this year?



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