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I Remember Your Birth Story: Part 1

January 22, 2010 // Uncategorized

I get to live and experience so many peoples birth stories and it is really a privilege. While I can’t share with you the exact details and situations of peoples births I can write fictitious stories that are drawn from my real life experiences as a labor and delivery RN. Here is the first installment. A beautiful uncomplicated natural birth. My ultimate favorite to be part of; unmedicated, lots of movement, trust in your body and support from a partner.

I am the nurse on duty and I see my patient coming down the hallway escorted by her husband. It is her second baby and she is in a good active labor. You don’t even need to check her dilation because you can just tell. She is in labor and going to have a baby soon. The pains are rocking her every 3 minutes and she is moving through each of them with courage. Together we move into one of the labor rooms. I am now privy to her personal birth experience and her intimate moments that she will undoubtedly remember forever.

First she is standing and swaying while holding on to her husbands shoulders. Her face buried into his chest as she deeply moans a painful labor cry, it is loud and remarkable. She is in control and is trusting her body; connected but in an ‘out of body’ sort of way. The pain is deep and ripping but temporary and she remembers from the birth of her daughter that this pain won’t last forever and it will end, her body shakes and shivers after each contraction.

The lights are dim and the room is quiet and calm and she moves into the warm shower. Now on hands and knees in the tub, rocking and swaying through each contraction. The pains come every two minutes and there is not much break between the end of one and the start of the next one. She is now crying out and unsure if she can keep doing this. She is lovingly reassured by her partner through his soft words and gentle touch. ‘You can do this. You are doing this’. He sweeps his hands down her back and applies steady pressure to her lower back. She continues to cry out with each pain but she knows that she can do this.

Moving from the tub to the bed, the baby is coming. She moves out of the tub and is wrapped in soft warm blankets and sipping sweet cool juice. She curls her toes in pain and feels the baby moving down. The pressure is memorable, out of this world and totally incomparable to anything else. Her water breaks naturally and she feels the overwhelming urge to push and over 8 pushes she births her second baby. He is now crying and is lifted on to her chest where she greets him. ‘I am your mother’.



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