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Saturday Morning Walk: City Style!

June 12, 2010 // Uncategorized

Today was a perfect Saturday in the city for me! My little family made plans to go on a morning walk with our end destination being Caffe Artigiano. This morning the streets were empty and we managed to have a peaceful warm walk from one part of the city to the next.

Caffe Artigiano is one of my favorite places to go for coffee and today we sat outside the cafe with the dog and the boy. I sipped a delicious latte and enjoyed a bit of brunch with my husband. There was a bit of baby wrangling going on, followed with various moments where either Ben or the dog were being a bit naughty.

Ben is getting his independent streak and loves to walk by himself and explore. He still sits in his stroller but persistently urges to get out and stretch his little legs and explore life at toddler height.

I think the thing that made it such a nice day was the beaming sun and blue sky that we walked under. Finally (finally!!) the sun is shining and it feels a lot like summer and I’m hoping for many more weekends like today. Vancouver is truly beautiful when the sun fills the sky and there are no puddles to avoid or umbrellas to stash.

Happy weekend to you!



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