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2nd Annual Holiday Gift Guide

November 19, 2010 // Uncategorized

I’ll admit to thinking about the perfect present all year round, and don’t limit it to the month of December. If I come across a good idea I’ll file it away for later. Well, it is now later and I would love to share my gifts with all of you.

This past summer I heard about Craft Caravan and their monthly personalized crafts that arrive via mail to the door of your little sweetie. I know that little children adore receiving special mail addressed just to them, and a craft delivery is a great idea. If you put your order in soon, the first mail out will arrive just after Christmas. Perfecto!

A certain 6 year old I know will be receiving this very cool, and very retro, Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine. This is something that’s a little different and gets them involved in the process. As an added bonus, I am quite excited to try out the Sno Cone machine in the process of helping out my sweet niece.

I first heard about Crazy Forts from someone that I work with. Her 3 year old loves loves loves his Crazy Forts and I can see it being great for over taking your apartment living room for an afternoon of fun. Even more perfect for those with a luxurious basement!

Instead of gifting more toys to your favourite little person, why not go the way of art and give a special print from Vancouver’s own Cici Art Factory . I love the idea of giving something that will last beyond the season and it won’t run out of batteries or break down within a few weeks. I can see this print hanging in a little girls bedroom from her toddler years and as she grows to 8 and on and on.


My last pick would be something that Ben would be so excited if he found this Plan Toys Fire Station under the Christmas tree this year. We would be sure to hear his cute ‘woohoowoohoo’ fire truck sound as he drove the trucks around. I love Plan Toys and find that the quality is excellent.



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