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Breastfeeding In The City

March 7, 2012 // Birth & Breastfeeding, Vancouver

I am not a radical lactivist by any means; however, I do believe in breastfeeding my baby whenever she is hungry and will do it wherever I am. For me it is simple, breastfeeding is the way to feed my baby, even if that happens to be out in public. This time around my first public breastfeeding was at the paediatricians office at his desk and I ended up leaking like a gysor from the opposite side.

The next time I fed my baby in public we were out on a patio at a coffee shop in Yaletown, then at a posh restaurant, at the bookstore, on the seawall. You get the idea and I could go on and on. I’ve never have anyone give me funny looks or tell me to stop feeding my baby in public. Instead, I’ve gotten the thumbs up from other women and smiles from other mums as they see me feed my baby and try to entertain Ben at the same time. I might have gotten one curious stare from this one teenage boy and that is about it.

When I nurse in public I like to be calm and prepared. If I bring Josie to a restaurant I will choose a table that has a booth versus a table and chairs in the middle of the dining room. At the book shop I will seek out a cozy corner where I can feel stress free and comfortable. I dislike the use of hooter hiders because I think it draws more attention than is needed. With practice you can get quite good at unhooking your bra, getting your baby positioned and latching on.

Only once have I ever nursed any of my children in a bathroom, and the one time I did it was recently with Josie at a Starbucks washroom. It was just going to be a quick diaper change but it led to big sad hungry sobbing and I thought a quick little snack would tide her over. But, the girl wanted a full on turkey dinner with dessert and so I squatted in the bathroom with my back against the wall for support. Not a place I would ever choose to nurse, but it just kind of happened.



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