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Goodbye Nurse Amy

March 28, 2012 // Uncategorized

It was time for baby Josie to be born and I was admitted into the exact same room where I had given birth to Ben 3 years before. It felt sweet and calm to be back in the same space as a patient. I had attended so many other births there and I was always reflective whenever I was back there as a nurse.

This time around it was a Thursday and a lot of my coworker friends were on shift. I was just hanging out in my room and had a slow but steady stream of friends coming by. Some just dropped by to say a friendly hello, others gave me fist pumping encouragement, and others did this…

This is nurse Amy. She did the booty dance for me in early labour and I loved every minute of it.

Amy is a fantastically well rounded nurse and all of her Vancouver patients have been so lucky to have her at their births. She is known to go on crazy hikes and runs post night shift and makes a mean batch of peanut butter cookies. Amy is leaving beautiful Vancouver and taking a permanent road trip to Ontario. Obviously, I am so sad to see her go.

We are all going to miss you nurse Amy!

Nurse Amy at work in my labour room



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