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May 1: Today Is Our Day

May 2, 2012 // Uncategorized

Wake up! Wake up! I’m lucky my alarm clock is so cute and quite a babblying morning person. She wakes up with smiles and coos and babbles while kicking her legs around. From here we are quickly all cozy together in my bed, I’m still not an up and at ’em type of woman. Big brother Ben joins us and sings, ‘good morning! good morning baby!’.

Children are fed and dressed and I do a quick tidy of the apartment. Wipe counters, pick up dirty clothing and do a load of laundry. Soon we are out the door and on our way out to our first destination. Todays trip was picked by Ben so we are all headed to the big book shop downtown.

Got to wear the cool shades for our outing.

Just hanging around, bean bag style.

Time to push on, so I load up the stroller and off we go. We found a big construction site along our walk home, complete with a big digger in action. This means we all pulled over and stopped to watch for a long while.

This is a familiar day for us and we have done it many times before and it always includes playtime at a few parks along our way home and today was no exception. Baby J has been a sleeping beauty for the most part since we left home. Except for a short nursing session at the park on our way home.

We get home and I am so ready for our daily quiet time. Ben goes to his room and lays on his bed flipping through books and I take the baby to my bed for a quiet nursing session and a chance to relax laying down. This actually lasted for a good hour and just as I was thinking how amazing this quiet time was working out, Miss. Josie perked up and got a bit antsy. So, we all got ready and headed outside for another run around at the park. There is something about fresh air that calms this baby down.

While this day was pretty lovely, there were still the usual antics and hair pulling moments. My hands were too busy during these lively periods to snap photos on my iPhone. At the end of the day I collapsed on the couch with my ‘at home’ hairdo and my little baby.



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