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Do Your Kids Go To Summer Camp?

August 10, 2012 // Parenting

What have your kids been up to this summer? Did you pack up their bags and send them off to the wonderland of children’s overnight camp? Growing up I never went to summer camp; I did go to Brownie’s overnight camp but that was about it. Some kids have their bags packed for a 4 week stay at summer camp and learn water sports, how to paper mache and eat dinner over campfires each evening.

Over night summer camp just didn’t exist in my world while I was growing up. It wasn’t until my younger sister went off to a summer bicycle themed day camp that I even learned that kids did fun activities away from home and by that time I was just too old to go to camp.

I like the idea of Ben having fun away from home and being immersed into different activities. The other week he stayed with my older sister and his little cousins for a whole week. His home away from home. He did a day camp with his boy cousin and didn’t miss us very much. Once he got back home I put him into a week of art camp in our neighbourhood. The term ‘camp’ is used very loosely as there is no singing of songs or outside play at this art camp. No tents or hot chocolate or extended times of missing mum and dad.

Looks like little Greyson is pining for mom and dad at his summer camp.

Instead there is splashing of paint colours and getting messy is encouraged! Ben was a little bit nervous when I left him on his first day, but by day 2 he was in full swing of the paint brush and was enjoying the theme of rocket ships and robots. The theme was a big reason I put Ben in this day camp and I knew he would love it.

Tomorrow is Ben’s last morning at art camp and I’m betting he will come home with a few masterpieces to be put on display in our apartment. In fact, I’m sort of excited to see his little creations. What’s your experience with summer camp?



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