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The Pros Of Apartment Living

August 10, 2012 // Apartment Living

There are some obvious cons to living in an apartment with two children. The most obvious one would be the smallness of the actual living space; I think that I’ve made that work by leaning more towards the minimalist side and also doing a purge of random stuff on a regular basis. I also don’t buy excess stuff for my kids which really helps to keep the apartment on the lighter side.

I really know how easy it is to buy buy buy when it comes to children, plus all of the stuff they are gifted through out the year. However, it drives me batty when there is too much stuff hanging around, especially toys with small pieces. Now, if I had a house with a big basement that might be another story all together.

A big pro to living in an apartment with children is how easy it is to baby proof things. There are no worrisome stairs to barricade with safety gates as Josie starts toddling around (and I think this girl of ours might be an early walker). We don’t have an elaborate kitchen with dozens of cupboards that need to be sealed up. Actually, with Ben we didn’t even seal up our cupboards. The only baby proofing we did with him was to remove a fancy lamp (because we loved it and didn’t want it to break) and put in those little covers in all the electrical sockets.

Another big positive to apartment living is that due to the overall smallness I can basically see my children all the time. ALL THE TIME! I can see what their little hands are touching and what naughty things they are getting into (like pulling the dogs hair). I can also plop my baby on the living room floor and walk into the kitchen and wave at her.

Josie with her one basket of toys. I keep the bigger stash in a closet and swap them out sporadically. This keeps things tidy and the baby seems to keep interested too.

Even better, at the end of the day I can scoop up all of their prized objects and place them into their designated baskets and stash them behind the couch. It is a great feeling while I laze on the couch to look around and for a glimmer of a second it is somewhat put together.

This post was inspired by mama Mitzi over at East Van Baby who asked me, ‘what are you doing to baby proof?’. I guess the overall answer would be, ‘not much!’. At least, not too much right now but I have this feeling that Josie might be a bit more curious about her home than Ben was.



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