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It’s Play Time With Apartment Baby!

October 16, 2012 // Apartment Living

Now that my little apartment baby is fully moving around and wanting to play, it was time to haul out our older baby toys from Ben’s baby days. Of course, out came the ever popular baby tunnel. We are seriously so in love with this Ikea purchase from 2009 and it has been well used. I wrote a post on it from Ben’s baby blog days back and here we go again! Ben was ecstatic for me to pop it open but the baby cried the first time I tried to get her to go through it. Like full on crocodile tears and bottom lip sticking out.

She now goes back and forth through the tunnel. Once again it was the lure of my iPhone that got her going through it. Just like her first few times crawling.

This time around we opted out of bringing back the big ticket items of babyhood 1.0. While we used and loved our exersaucer with Ben we haven’t used one with Josie. With two kids in an apartment anything extra feels like a lot so I’m choosy on what comes into our space. I am considering setting up the playpen soon to help me deal with my little escape artist. One minute the baby is sitting at my feet and then the next she is licking the kitchen floor. Oi! Josie!

When Ben turned 1 we gave him this little green Okie Dog walker/ride on toy and it helped him figure out walking. We thought we’d give it a whirl with the baby and she loved it. So did her brother who wanted to be given a ride on it. We paraded outside of my husbands home office until he saw us going by.

My husband and I were giggling at the second photo where Josie is up on her toes. She actually was taking steps with this walker.



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