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Finding an activity that is engaging and fun to do with all three of my kids can be a bit of a challenge. It has to be interesting enough for an 8 and 5 year old and safe enough for our not yet 2 year old toddler. What excites the older kids doesn’t always work for a toddler.

We had been talking about heading to Richmond’s Kidtropolis for awhile and finally a day happened where we could all go! The kids loved the idea of being able to play in a little city made just for kids and I liked that it could be fun for all of them.

Pros of Kidtropolis

  • Toddlers under 2 are free!
  • Engaging play for a range of ages. I feel like the preschool crowd would be the age group that benefits most from Kidtropolis but my 8 year old boy had a great time. At first it took him awhile to warm up to being there but by the end I had to drag him away.
  • A jungle gym area encourages physical activity. This was the area my oldest wanted to hang out in the most. He loved climbing around as well as the thrill of the big slide.
  • Lots of staff around cleaning up and keeping things sorted and safe. I liked that the staff were easy to identify in the mix of all the other adults.
  • There is no time limit and you can easily spend several hours here.
  • The cafe has high chairs (that are clean!!!) and they will bring you your tray of food and drinks to your table. So much easier when you are the only adult with three littles!
  • Paid off site parking was covered up to two hours.
  • Creativity and imagination is definitely a huge part of going to Kidtropolis. My creative preschooler loved visiting all the different buildings and her favourite was the airplane.

Cons of Kidtropolis

  • Parking is seriously terrible during the week. Meaning, do not count on parking anywhere near the actual site. There are a handful of designated spots out front but the rest of the parking is reserved for other businesses. We had to park off site in the Olympic Oval and with 3 kids it was actually a huge hassle and I almost turned around to go home. Walking with a toddler is a special kind of parenting test. If you go there with another adult, drop everyone off at the door and let the other adult park the car. 
  • You can’t bring your own snacks in. The cafe is decent and serves a variety of food but all purchased food and drink is restricted to the cafe, so there is no slow sipping of your coffee while your kids play. During peak lunch times it can be hard to get a table.
  • The mix of ages means you can have a big group of older kids roughhousing around small kids. No injuries for us but I definitely had to be on top of watching big kids wrestle around the toddler.
  • Not all parents are actively watching their kids. Sigh, I hate to even say that but it does cause for a little bit of a headache at times. Most big kids were going around by themselves, which was fine but it did create a few ‘sharing is caring’ moments.

Final verdict is: Definitely have a visit to Kidtropolis! We will be back for some more pretend play fun!



It’s Love Baby!

February 14, 2017 // Parenting

I was busy working last night and after midnight I was excited to be able to meet all of the new little bundles of love that were born with February 14th as their birthdate. I always wanted to have my own Valentine’s baby, it never happened and never will, but there’s something extra sweet about having a birthday on Valentine’s day.

I wasn’t always a big fan of this day. In fact, for the longest time I thought it was just an over rated commercial holiday and for many years went out of my way to not acknowledge it’s existence. Then I had kids and I saw the sweetness that a day just for l.o.v.e brought out. It was the pinks and the purples and the happy little hearts that totally sucked me in and the idea that after a bleak January there was a little bit of festive fun to look forward to. Heart shaped everything!

This year we decided to have a little ‘Friendship’ party to celebrate love day. It was low key afternoon at my sister’s place spent icing sugar cookies and getting entirely too many sprinkles on the floor. If you want to make a bunch of kids happy just let them go at it with a container of sprinkles. Seriously.

We made a batch of our favourite chocolate play dough and spent time rolling out the dough and pretending to make even more cookies with it. This chocolate play dough recipe is my all time favourite and it lasts for so long in a container. My kids can’t get over the chocolate fudge smell and honestly, neither can I. I’ve made this play dough many times and highly recommend you giving it a try.

While I’m not big into the romance side of Valentine’s or the pressure that people feel to make it an amazing date night, I am definitely going to keep seeing the pink and purple and celebrating L.O.V.E.

Count me in for celebrating Valentine’s Day!



This year Josie decided she wanted to do a pet adoption theme for her birthday party. We had already decided to do a small at home party and this theme sounded like something I could manage! The idea was to have guests select a puppy, care for it and adopt it and take it home.

We thought it would be cute if the guest of honour was ‘Dr. Josie the veterinarian’ so we pulled out our old doctors costume for the occasion. She was thrilled to dress the part and took her role very seriously!  We had a box of different puppies for the guests to choose from, along with these adoption certificates that they would later help personalize.

Each child picked out one puppy and were given a puppy house too. We had spray bottles with misty water, a dryer, a measuring tape and our assorted doctor tools from our doctors kits. The kids had a blast measuring their puppies but the big winner was washing our pups!

We set up a station with towels so the newly adopted pups could get a light wash and a supervised dry. The kids took turns using the instruments to give pretend immunizations, check for fleas and asses the overall health of their new pup!

You could go on and on with this theme as it lends itself to so many different party ideas. We did do a pin the tale on the poodle as one of our planned party games and to help get the party started! Turns out kids of all ages love to play pin the tale!

At the end of the party the kids put their puppy into the paper box house and signed their adoption certificate but not before choosing the perfect name for their pup. This was a super sweet birthday party and was low key and simple on the organizational side.

Plush puppies: Oriental Trading

Dog house paper favour boxes: Oriental Trading

Adoption certificates: Etsy

Pin the tale on the poodle: Etsy



The other day my sweet spunky Josie turned five years old. She was so excited for this day and we had plans to host a small at home birthday party in our apartment. A couple of friends and our little cousins were on the guest list for an old fashion birthday party with games and cake.

My sister introduced me to the idea of hosting ‘five dollar parties’ back when my oldest turned five. The basic idea is in the invite  you tell guests that in lieu of gifts you will be hosting a ‘5 dollar party‘.

Instruct your guests to bring a total of ten dollars and briefly explain that five dollars will be going to the birthday kid and five dollars will be donated to a special charity of their choice. Both of my kids chose to give to the SPCA and they loved the idea of helping out the animals. Other ideas for charities include something special to your family or the local Children’s hospital.

We really love the idea of hosting this type of party for a few reasons.

  1. As a parent ten dollars total is a pretty nice amount to give for a kids birthday party. Often buying a present would cost more than ten dollars.
  2. Parents don’t have to run out and buy a present that would be appropriate and appreciated by the birthday kid. Picking out a good present gets trickier as kids get older and you don’t always know their school mates personally.
  3. The birthday child gets to buy one great toy that they love instead of accumulating a lot of little toys.
  4. Kids get to learn about the act of charity and supporting something important to them.
  5. Families don’t get a huge influx of stuff to add to their kid’s collection. This was really nice for us as this party was right after Christmas, especially as space is limited for us.

We thought it was cute that for a five year olds birthday she was doing a 5 on 5 kind of theme. As kids get older the amount can change and you can choose to do a ten dollar party instead. After doing two of these parties we have had great feedback from the parents of the party guests.

Josie enjoyed browsing for a special toy with her money. She picked herself out a toy sink (with actual running water!) and donated the other half to the SPCA.



Despite being a specialized perinatal RN working at the bedside supporting new mothers learning to breastfeed, I still struggled deeply with feeding back when I had my first baby. In the early weeks post partum I found breastfeeding to be beyond hard and found nothing enjoyable about it.

We struggled with having our preterm baby try to learn the same feeding tricks that a term baby would and I struggled with the utter exhaustion from an induced labour and an assisted birth. Once baby is here the hard work continues with little reprieve.

I remember waiting and waiting for things to click and when they didn’t come naturally I knew that I needed to call for help. I sent a SOS to a friend who was an international board certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) and she came to me and gave me the support I needed on how to make things work.

Post partum I had so much extra IV fluid floating around my body that every part of me was ridiculously swollen, including the breasts that were meant to nurse my baby. It all seemed kind of impossible.

When we were ten days post partum we went to the paediatricians for our scheduled check up. He measured and weighed my baby and asked me how feeding was going to which I quickly replied with a short, ‘its fine’. Then he said something that helped me hold things together at a moment where I felt really vulnerable.

“You are doing a really great job Andrea!”

It was the first time someone told me I was doing a good job in motherhood and the difference that those simple words made were unforgettable. I didn’t even know that I needed to hear them until he said it.

Three babies later and I can tell you that learning a new skill, like breastfeeding a baby, when you are beyond exhausted is like having an out of body experience. It really feels kind of ridiculous.

So much information from well meaning health care professionals went in one ear and out the other. I was too tired to hear what they were telling me.  I kept hoping that things would just naturally come together and had no idea of the learning curve that was involved for me and this baby.

Over time my body recovered from the long induction and birth and I let myself commit to breastfeeding one feed at a time. I wasn’t commiting to breastfeed exclusively for six months or going for a year and I wast even thinking about the two years that the WHO guidelines recommended.

I was just going to try this one feed and see how it went. If it went somewhat okay then I was going to try it again just once more.

My lactation consultant friends showered me with the support I needed, continually checking up on me as the days went by. My sister, who had had babies, told me all about her nursing experiences and those sisterhood secrets of the early post partum weeks. My husband brought me snacks and made me dinner while I sat firmly in one spot on our couch focused on latching the baby or expressing milk to give.

All together they helped mother me, the new mother. I was never expected to return to normal or pick up where I left off. I took this new role one day at a time and I was allowed to grow into motherhood.

While my village took care of me, I was able to take care of the baby. When I’d spent those newborn nights night cluster feeding, my partner would wake up early and take the baby so I could have some extra sleep. Breastfeeding wasn’t just my issue that I had to learn to deal with on my own. It was a shared supported experience.

My youngest sister, who had no kids at the time, would come over in the afternoon and take the baby so I could have an afternoon nap. Catching up on sleep helped my mental well being and my ability to take on one more breastfeed.

This was my post partum experience and I feel very fortunate that as a new mother I was able to be so well cared for during the transition into motherhood. I wish all new mothers could get the chance to adjust to this new part of their lives while surrounded by people who care about them.

Let’s mother the mother. Let’s take care of her and give her the support she requires so that she can flourish in  her new role. 

***I wrote this post inspired by the tragic and upsetting loss of fellow nurse and mother Florence Leung. You can read more about her story here.***



Recently we had a family celebration in our home and there was some serious memory making happening. Over the years we’ve had a lot of celebrations and I’ve come to realize that so much of what we do fulfills two purposes.

Of course we want to celebrate the actual event, in this case it was Josie’s fifth birthday, but we also celebrate to create memories and give our young family a legacy. Together we make memories for me to file away and also for my children to tuck into their own memory banks.

When one of the kids has a birthday I always let them choose what they’d like to do for dinner. Whatever they choose is what we do and in the past it has been a range of going out to staying in.

This year the birthday girl chose breakfast for dinner and I was quite pleased with her choice. We had an easy dinner, opened family presents and then blew out all five candles on this homemade chocolate cake.

It wasn’t a fancy cake or really even Pinterest worthy but the birthday girl and I made it together during a moment of quiet in the afternoon. She cracked eggs like a pro and measured and stirred and even put the cake right into the oven.

I love looking at the photos from that evening and really taking that extra minute to study their eyes and the shape of their face. You start to notice detail that you don’t get to see when life is moving right in front of you.

Here we were. Living our life and incidentally making memories.



Part of having kids is that they are always around. Obviously I mean this in the most uplifting positive way but kids will basically rule your social life in every way that is possible. So, why not make them part of your social life? I love doing fun activities with my kids and the older they get the more I really appreciate being able to do fun things with them.

It turns out kids actually like to spend time with their parents. I like taking my kids on excursions where they can gain social skills and learn how to interact appropriately. Knowing full well that one day they will be off on their own.

5Fun Thing (3)

  1. Go to the movies. Before I had kids I went to the movies on a somewhat regular basis and loved the whole experience. Now that I’m a mum I love taking my big kids to a show, even though it’s all kid centric flicks. I enjoy going with them and they love going with me. We started our kids to the movies when they were over three years old. We ask for movie passes for kids birthday gifts and it’s a great way to help cut cost.
  2. Bake me a cake as fast as you can. It takes A LOT of parenting patience to be in the kitchen with kids but there are so many rewards that it really is worth trying. My husband is the pro when it comes to cooking with kids and they love being able to crack eggs and mix ingredients together. We start to include the kids in the kitchen when they are old enough to stand on a stool, which is about 18 months.
  3. Get in the pool! Our three kids are water babies and they love going swimming. They love playing tea party in the pool or playing different games. We are lucky that our condo has an indoor pool and we use it pretty frequently. I know that if we didn’t have access to one at home we’d still be at the local indoor pool regularly otherwise! We bring a bag of toys down to the pool and the kids love the captive parenting audience.
  4. Take it to the coffee shop. Being a city living family means we walk a lot and there is coffee shops all over. I absolutely adore taking my kids for a steamed milk or a hot chocolate and love reaping the benefits of having an actual hot coffee too. We sit and chat and play eye spy while sipping hot drinks from proper mugs.
  5. Get in some screen time (together). I did not grow up being an avid video game player but I try my hardest when Mario Kart comes on. Some evenings we have ‘Family Racing Night!’ and we all sit together trying our hardest to win the race. My kids love seeing mum fumble and learn a bit of self control when things don’t go as planned.

I’m not a parenting expert but I do like to have fun and my three kids love having fun along with us! I find that those long days go much smoother when a little fun is booked into them.



This post is not going to be filled with my New Year’s resolutions. It’s not about weight loss or making huge changes or even having a fresh start.


Every once in awhile I’m reminded about how good things are in my life. Maybe it is the start of the New Year that brings this reminder to me, I’m not really sure. I do know that every day I’m able to make my own decisions and I feel safe in my day to day life.  At night, I get to go to sleep knowing my children are warm and tucked into bed.


My family gets to wake up together, eat breakfast and plan out a fun day together or do our routine school activities. I don’t take this mundane flow for granted.  I am grateful.

Being grateful doesn’t mean I live an exclusively idyllic life or that things are always easy. Being grateful does mean that as the days pass  I make a genuine attempt to appreciate even the smallest details. Even when things are crazy and out of control there will still always be something to be thankful for. I am grateful.

I am grateful for sisters who are like second mother’s to my kids. I am appreciative for a husband who makes me breakfast when I get home from a night shift. I am grateful and thankful to have friends I get to work with and to work a job that I feel passion about.

I am thankful to live somewhere that I can easily get medical supplies and life saving insulin. I am grateful for the hundreds of needles I have to take each month so that I can live. I am grateful. I am on my knees thankful for my health and for the chance to walk outside in fresh air and eat whatever food I want. I am thankful.

Before you get to caught up in your New Year’s resolutions, and feel fixed on making big life changes, allow yourself to feel grateful. Recognize the things that already exist in your life that you can be thankful for.

I can promise you that gratefulness does not disappear in a week or a month. In fact, choosing to be thankful is free and can be done anytime and anywhere.

Tell me something that you are grateful for.






Collecting Memories

December 30, 2016 // Pure Mama, Vancouver

I’m totally that person who does the, ‘One year ago today this happened’ or ‘Last year at this time we were…’. It drives my husband kind of nuts but I can’t help being reflective. I feel all the feels and I wear my heart on my sleeve. That’s just who I am.

Two years ago today I was finishing up my 24 hours of bedrest after having an amnio done at 23 weeks. We were told something was seriously wrong with our baby and we wanted more information to figure out what was going on. I was the most scared and vulnerable that I have ever been.

Five years ago today I was heavily pregnant with Josie and felt like I could go into labour at any moment. She was my biggest baby and boy did I ever feel it! I had my sister on standby in case I was to go into labour.

Eleven years ago today I got married on a Friday evening in Vancouver. There was a hint of rain but it was so mild out that day and I walked around downtown in my wedding gown with my freshly suited up husband to be. We had a smallish wedding on Granville Island and the rest is history!

Here we are now on Friday December 30th 2016. There’s one more day left till a New Year begins and I can’t help but feel a sense of wonderment with what new memories I will be gifted in 2017.


As life unfolds and the years tick by, I find myself becoming more grateful. At 37 years old my memories have multiple layers and reflection can bring a sense of melancholy and great joy all at the same time.

On that note, here is to a fresh New Year. I will bring my memories along with me into the next year and hope that I’m given the chance at collecting more.




Christmas Eve Plans

December 24, 2016 // Holiday Talk

It’s here!!

Christmas is here!!

Despite not doing everything I had hoped to do with the kids this Christmas, I refuse to let myself feel disappointed. I always have a holiday case of FOMO and want to see everything and do more. More so now that I have three little kids and love the excitement they have for these kind of outings. It’s hard in Vancouver because there’s truly so many fun Christmas activities that you could do that are right at our doorstep.

Tonight we are having a low key Christmas eve with an early trip to the beautiful VanDusen Gardens for their Festival of Lights display. We will hopefully be one of the first into the garden and come home for an easy appetizer style dinner with the kids.

The kids are already excited about opening one little present tonight, a tradition from my own childhood. This year all the kids are exchanging presents with each other and are so excited to give them out.

I love that they are excited about gift exchanges and feeling the joy you can get when giving someone else a present. Even sweeter was teaching my oldest how to properly wrap a present and write out the little gift card.


Merry Christmas Blogland! I love all of my readers and thank you for reading my words!